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Why TDX20 Refrigerant is a Game Changer

The ozone layer protects us from the harmful rays of the sun. However, in the 1980s, it has been discovered that the coolant being used in air conditioning units, refrigerators, and even those that are contained in hairspray could actually damage the atmosphere. For this reason, CFC has been banned. Now, you have the TDX20. TDX20 is a great alternative to the coolant being used in your HVAC equipment.

It is such a game changer mainly because it is friendly to the environment. Another reason why it is such a game changer today is the fact that it can be used in HVAC equipment that runs on R22 coolants. That means that even if R22 has been completely banned, the Bluon TDX20 can be used as an alternative.

TDX20 can also help the refrigerator and the air conditioning unit to run efficiently. You will notice that the compressor is no longer vibrating and therefore not making so much noise. And because of this, you can easily relax. This will also translate to your monthly bill. You will see a decreased monthly bill considering that it is more efficient.


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