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TDX20 for Overall Improvement of Your HVAC Unit

It is quite common for people to invest in HVAC units whether for their business or for their house. But what you have to understand is that you might want to check the type of coolant that is being used in your unit. R22 coolant has been popular over the years. But nowadays, it is important that you check if it makes use of TDX20 refrigerant.

Over the years, coolants received scrutiny among environmentalists especially when it was discovered that CFC can actually destroy the ozone layer. Now, the TDX20 is a great alternative not only because it is environmentally friendly, but it also has the ability to give users savings. Not only do you get monthly savings from electricity, you can also prolong the use of your HVAC unit.

TDX20 is known to reduce the wear and tear in the compressor. It is quite noticeable that you will find the compressor to have less vibration when it makes use of this particular coolant. Now, if you are worried about the fact that you will have to replace the air conditioning unit because it is not running on TDX20, units that run on R22 coolant can have TDX20.


Why TDX20 Refrigerant is a Game Changer

The ozone layer protects us from the harmful rays of the sun. However, in the 1980s, it has been discovered that the coolant being used in air conditioning units, refrigerators, and even those that are contained in hairspray could actually damage the atmosphere. For this reason, CFC has been banned. Now, you have the TDX20. TDX20 is a great alternative to the coolant being used in your HVAC equipment.

It is such a game changer mainly because it is friendly to the environment. Another reason why it is such a game changer today is the fact that it can be used in HVAC equipment that runs on R22 coolants. That means that even if R22 has been completely banned, the Bluon TDX20 can be used as an alternative.

TDX20 can also help the refrigerator and the air conditioning unit to run efficiently. You will notice that the compressor is no longer vibrating and therefore not making so much noise. And because of this, you can easily relax. This will also translate to your monthly bill. You will see a decreased monthly bill considering that it is more efficient.


Why is There so Much Hype on Bluon TDX20?

Running your airconditioning unit and your refrigerator all day, ever wondered if you can actually make some savings from this? It is quite common that people tend to pay more than they should mainly because their units don’t make use of the TDX20 refrigerant.

You may have heard of the TDX20. Now, why exactly are people so excited about this type of coolant? For starters, it has met all the regulatory parameters. EPA and different regulatory agencies have considered this as a great refrigerant. The good news is that it is now commercially available.

The reality though is that it is still not used widely compared to R22 coolants. 65% of the HVAC systems in the US are still running on R22. And soon enough, the demand for TDX20 is going to go higher. The industry will need around 200 million pounds of TDX20 refrigerant yearly in order to replace R22 coolant.

Efficient in Low, Medium, and High Temperature

TDX20 coolant is quite versatile. It is known for its efficiency. And the good thing is that it can be efficient regardless of the temperature that you have. It is good for low, medium, or even in high temperature systems.

Also, you can guarantee that your system can last longer. One of the things that is quite noticeable with TDX20 is that compressors don’t need to work extra hard. The compressor doesn’t even vibrate that much when using this type of refrigerant. This means that there is less wear and tear in your system.

Keep in mind that a compressor could easily cost around $500 plus the cost of labor. Now, for this reason, if your compressor even gives up, it is a good idea that you buy a new one.

How good is this?

If you are wondering exactly how good is a TDX20 refrigerant, it can reduce the operation time of your unit from 20 minutes to 90 minutes. And also, the electricity usage can be minimized especially during utility peak. Since the reduction amperage draw is reduced by 5 to 25 percent, you can also predict that the unit works less with this type of refrigerant.

You also don’t have to change the conventional compressor oil as long as you are using the MO, POE, and AB.
Making a choice to invest in an HVAC unit that runs on TDX20 is a good thing. You can make a huge difference not only in terms of the money that you save, but also to the environment. It consumes less energy not to mention it doesn’t contribute in any ozone depletion whatsoever.

Also, since the unit is going to run longer, expect less trash as well. Consider the popularity of the TDX20 to grow as time goes by.

There is a lot of excitement for those who are using TDX20 refrigerants simply because it offers a great number of advantages over the usual HVAC unit that runs on R22. Though it isn’t as popular as R22 units, you should start to consider using this type of refrigerant today.


Should You Buy an HVAC that Runs on TDX20 Refrigerant?

If you are running a business or if you are a homeowner, it is important to have the right air conditioning unit and the right refrigerator. These are things that are considered basic necessities regardless in a home or in a business.
In fact, there are many options out there. And given the sophisticated technology in the industry, there are some options that can help your electric bill and even the environment. One of the things that you should be looking into is the TDX20 refrigerant. For this particular refrigerant, it offers a number of things that can’t be seen in R22 coolants.

Extends the Life of Equipment

Imagine running a business and you have to buy new equipment and pay for repairs. In some instances, refrigerators and air conditioning units run for long hours. And because of this, it is important to find ways that can help minimize the wear and tear in your units.

TDX20 coolant is known to deliver such kind of benefit to air conditioning units and refrigerators. You will notice that the equipment runs quieter than that of other units. You will also notice that there is less vibration in the compressor. These are tell-tale signs that you have a unit that is running efficiently.

Once your compressor gives up, it is quite practical that you buy a new unit instead. Getting a new compressor is simply more expensive especially when you take into account the labor needed to install the compressor.
Now, what if you don’t have a unit that has a TDX20 coolant? What should be done? You don’t actually have to replace the entire unit. TDX20 refrigerant is compatible with all R22 units.

No Oil Change

If you are the type who doesn’t want something that requires a lot of maintenance, then an HVAC unit that runs on TDX20 is exactly that. It is known in the industry that you don’t have to do an oil change, not to mention it works with standard metering devices.

Environmentally friendly

And of course, you also have to take into consideration the benefits of this type of equipment to the environment. Having an environmentally friendly unit can be a good thing especially if you are going to think about your children’s future. TDX20 is non-ozone depleting. And also, in terms of potential harm to people’s health, it is also non-hazardous and non-flammable as well.

And since it makes the unit run more efficiently, it can decrease the energy consumption used by the air conditioning units and the refrigerators. Considering the number of air conditioning units and refrigerators that are being used worldwide, this has a huge impact on the environment.

A lot of things can be said about the TDX20 today. What you have to understand is that you can get a lot from this type of refrigerant. It has proven that you don’t need to make use of a lot of energy when it comes to your HVAC. You can even make use of the HVAC for a longer period of time considering how it can decrease the vibration.


Caring for the Environment And Switching to TDX20

A lot of things are changing in today’s environment. In fact, the choices that we do will eventually make an impact on the world that we live in. It is best if you are going to make the necessary choice that can help the environment. One of the things that have caused a great amount of damage to the environment is CFC. It has been used in refrigeration over the last decades. However, when it was discovered to cause ozone depletion, it has been banned thanks to the international treaty known as the Montreal Protocol.

The Montreal Protocol’s goal is to take CFC refrigerants off the market. This means that R11 will no longer be used. And as a substitute, you have the HCFC refrigerants such as R22 instead. However, this will also be phased out eventually. By the end part of 2020, expect that there will be no more HVAC units that run on R22. At least, this has been the goal.

However, today, 65% of HVAC units are still using R22. The good news though is that you can actually make use of TDX20 as an alternative. TDX20 is actually a good replacement to R22 for a number of reasons. It can help impact not only the environment but also your pocket. You will be surprised by the amount of money that you can actually save from using this.

Why Switch to TDX20?

It is quite common for a lot of people to hesitate to use TDX20 refrigerant mainly because of the cost. Though it is quite an investment, you can make a good amount of savings I the long run. It can reduce the operating time of your unit from 20 to 90 minutes per day. Since it can lower the amperage draw up to 20%, it means that the compressor doesn’t have to work as hard. This can be a good way to prolong the use of your unit. You can reduce the wear and tear considering the fact that it doesn’t have to work as hard.

You will also start to notice that there is a marked decrease in the amount of electricity you consume once you start investing in TDX20. TDX20 is known to help make the unit become more efficient. This means that it can also be good for the environment considering it needs less electricity.

In the long run, people should be switching with TDX20 refrigerants. This option can work for you considering the fact that it can help decrease damages to the unit. As a business owner, this can be worth the investment. Though it can also be pricey, the benefits that it can provide you can definitely outweigh its price.

The last thing that you also want is to have some damage to your compressor. Most of the time, replacing your compressor isn’t really a practical choice. It can cost around $500 and the labor cost is also not helping as well. It is a good idea that you find a way to go for an alternative to prolong this part of your air conditioning unit.